About Nicole

Nicole she’s a busy woman; full time parent, full time designer, and full time entrepreneur. She’s an early riser; waking up and making mental notes of the things she has to get done that day.  While making breakfast for her son she prepares herself a quick cup of coffee/tea reviewing that list again and giving her calendar a quick glance. She loves design, it’s given her an eye for detail (you could almost say perfectionist) finding inspiration in her day to day that bleeds over into her overall passion for creating. Because of that she loves finding obscure items; items that no one else has because these things are curated to her and her tastes. She’s passionate about photography, art, jewelry, woodworking. When working as a designer and entrepreneur she always embraces being a parent. Working on projects with her child nearby just being a kid and playing with moms “toys.” Delighted in these moments and the ever evolving life of being a parent. She works hard and makes sure to take time out for herself. She has to have an organized lifestyle to balance time for all the things she has to do and wants to do. She has life hacks to help her stay healthy both mentally and physically. Outdoor activities are essential; an urban enthusiast. Nicole appreciates the world around her; she’s inspired by it!  She is well traveled and wants to see and experience more of the world and the community, cultures, people living parallel lives to her. Because of her travels she also loves giving travel tips to help her loved ones to help them have curated experience; those one of a kind moments she had when traveling abroad.  When there are opportunities to make her inner circle feel special she takes it with the mentality that anything can be and should be celebrated. She’s a natural host + entertainer she creates space and an experience for others to feel at home, comfy, cozy, and welcomed. Making sure to connect with each person that has chosen to also share their time with her. Nicole wears her heart on her sleeve, to know her is to know someone that is disciplined, straightforward, and genuine. At the end of the day, short or long, productive (to her standards) or not, manageable or exhausting she got it done, day one of one completed. Everyday is a new day.